Bifocal Approach

The identified approach is bifocal, including:

  1. A shared resource suite from two vendors that satisfies system and institutional needs.
    • All partners will have access to the following common resources from EBSCO and ProQuest:
      • Academic Search Premier (ASP)
      • Business Source Premier (BSP)
      • Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database (CBCA)
      • Canadian Newsstream Complete (CNC)
    • This shared suite supports the far-sighted goal of supporting system needs. It achieves the desire for a multi-vendor solution that provides equity, systemic value, facilitates student transfer, and guarantees discounts.
  2. Flexible opportunities for individual libraries to upgrade or add resources from a predefined list.
    • All Partners will have the opportunity to upgrade or opt-in to new resources at heavily discounted prices negotiated by the counsortium.
      • For those Partners who have historically paid costs higher than those of their peers for ASP, some upgrades or opt-ins may be free of additional cost (through harmonized spend).
      • For those Partner who have paid at or below their ASP tier price, upgrades and opt-ins are still possible. However, additional funds may be needed.
    • Near-sighted, or institutional, goals are achieved here, since this approach supports partner libraries’ desire for flexibility, institutional value, and need to meet individual curricular objectives. It also succeeds in addressing historical imbalances that exist in ASP pricing.

No new spend is necessary.

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