Common Suite Proposal

At the Special Teleconference on November 3rd, the Steering Committee asked the Office to develop a modified common suite proposal that would address the feedback received about the original recommendation. The modifications aim to

  1. Reduce potential hardship faced by content loss through the downgrades from the Academic Search and Business Source Completes to the Premiers.
  2. Increase flexibility in library budgeting by removing Canadian Newsstream.
  3. Continue to include a component for addressing tier inequities.


The modified proposal retains the original bifocal approach and continues to meet the criteria developed at the 2016 All Partner Meeting. Improvements, however, have been incorporated to address Partner Library feedback.

Modified Shared Suite of Resources

  • The shared suite will be made up of Academic Search Premier and Business Source Premier. In addition, each Partner Library will be able to upgrade to the Complete of their choice (ASC or BSC).
  • Canadian Newsstream has been removed from the shared suite to increase individual library budget flexibility.
  • CBCA has been retained to meet the multi-vendor criteria; however, Partner Library feedback on its continued inclusion in the shared suite will be sought.


  • Most Partner Libraries will pay their existing spend from this current year’s ASC/BSC license with no increase. Those institutions identified as paying higher than their tier ideal will pay a new, reduced cost (see “tier inequities”).
  • All Partner Libraries will continue to pay their current CBCA license cost, with no increase in year 1.
  • 2.5% increases will be applied annually in years 2 and 3.

All institutions may choose to upgrade to the second Complete or add from a predefined list of resources negotiated with EBSCO and ProQuest. Additional funds will be necessary.

For more information on the approach, shared resources, upgrades / options, costs, and other information, please explore the rest of the Common Suite Web. Check back frequently for updated and new content. 

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