History and Review Process


Since 2008, BC ELN has licensed a common suite of resources, also known as the Undergraduate Foundation Collection (UFC). Originally licensed with seed funding from the Ministry as a part of a multi-sectorial bundle of resources, the current UFC consists of two resources from EBSCO: Academic Search Complete and Business Source Complete.

At the time of renewal in 2015, it was decided that the UFC would be reviewed. This review aimed 

  • to certify that the consortium remained supportive of a common suite approach;
  • to guarantee that the resources licensed were the right ones;
  • to ensure that any future common suite provided value to BC's post-secondary students, individual insitutions, and the system.

Review Process

Mandate Survey

In Summer 2016, a temporary commitee (the UFC Review Task Group) of volunteers from Partner Libraries was tasked by the Steering Committee to develop a survey exploring if Partner Libraries felt a common suite approach was still of interest and if BC ELN had the mandate to proceed with investigations into a common suite or resources for post-secondary institutions in BC.

In Fall 2016, the Steering Committee issued that mandate survey. There was 100% participation from Partner Libraries. After reviewing the results, the Steering Committee felt there was sufficient interest and acknowledged value in continuing a common suite approach within BC ELN and decided to proceed with the review.

For further information, see the UFC Mandata Survey Results.

All Partner Meeting and Report

A facilitated discussion took place at the December 2016 BC ELN All Partner Meeting. At the meeting, Partner Libraries identified benefits and concerns related to a common resource suite and pinpointed key issues and ideas to explore during the investigation. Read the proceedings and report here.

Crucially, the report identifies criteria that Partner Libraries agreed were necessary to the creation of a common suite that would meet the needs of students, institutions, and the BC Post-Secondary system. These criteria include:

  • Providing equity to the BC post-secondary system
  • Offering value to individual institutions and the post-secondary system
  • Facilitating student transfer
  • Including more than one vendor
  • Offering discounts
  • Maintaining existing spend
  • Providing flexibility

During the discussion Principles to Guide the Investigation, including a proposed recommendation by the Steering Committee, were also identified.

Approach and Recommendation

Using this criteria, a "bifocal" approach was developed. This approach satisfies the desire for creating equity across the BC post-secondary system, faciliating student transfer, while offering insitutions value, flexibility, and discounts. This approach was approved by the BC ELN Steering Committee at the May Steering Committee teleconference.

Options were developed and explored by the Steering Committee at their July meeting. Based on meeting discussions, the Steering Committee identified a recommendation to present to All Partners.

One-on-One Consultations and Support Survey

In October, the recommendation was distributed to Partern Libraries for their review. During that period, all Partners accessed the Office to have their questions answered and provide verbal feedback. A Support Survey was also provided to collect Partner Libraries' thoughts. Survey Results and information gleaned through One-On-One calls was provided to the Steering Committee to seed discussion and determine next steps.

Modified Proposal

A modified proposal was developed to address library feedback gathered through consultations and the Support Survey and is now available. Feedback will be gathered on the modifications prior to the December 2017 All Partner Meeting.

Feedback Survey

A survey requesting feedback on the modified proposal was completed in December.

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