Original Recommendation

Note: this page captures the original recommendation. The proposed Common Suite is structured differently; see the Proposal page.

After extensive investigation and consultation with all partner libraries, the BC ELN Steering Committee recommends that the Common Suite be restructured to include the following products:

  • Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)
  • Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
  • CBCA Complete (ProQuest)
  • Canadian Newsstream Complete (ProQuest)

Monies to license these shared resources will come from the existing spend from the AS Complete, BS Complete, CBCA, and Canadian Newsstand licenses. No additional funding is necessary.

All institutions may choose to upgrade or add from a predefined list of resources negotiated with EBSCO and ProQuest. Additional funds will be necessary.

In order to address historical imbalances in spend for ASP, a limited number of institutions that have historically paid more than their peer institutions for ASP will be allocated harmonized spend which can be used towards upgrading or opting in to resources from that list.

For more information on the approach, shared resources, upgrades / options, costs, and other information, please explore the rest of the Common Suite Web. Check back frequently for updated and new content. 



Hi, just a comment about funding. It is really difficult for us to assess this prposal without some idea of the costs and the harmonization concept. I'll wait for that before saying much - I do understand that this would be a downgrade for us (Complete to Premier) and am also not sure if many institutions have the Newsstand or feel the need for the complete version of that. It's still a question for us. KP

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