Does BCELN have an exit clause in their licence agreement?

"Exit clauses" typically refer to termination clauses in licenses that focus on what conditions licensees can leave an agreement before the end of the contract term, when no breech of contract has occurred. For any multi-year all-in agreement, like the common suite, BC ELN includes a "termination on the basis of financial exigency clause" in its license that enables participants to leave early or triggers a renegotiation of pricing in the case that one or more institutions experience financial crisis. In cases of financial exigency, there is a burden of proof on libraries who must demonstrate a significant change in financial circumstances. There are other types of exit clauses where no burden of proof is required. Exit clauses like these are often included in licenses that are opt-in, multi-year agreements. The termination clause in these cases is at the sole discretion of individual libraries and is based on good faith principles. Since multi-year revenue is not assured and institutions have the option to cancel at anytime, pricing per institution for these resources tends to be higher. These clauses are similar to insurance; institutions pay more for the security be able to leave the contract early. BC ELN does not include this second kind of termination clause in its licensing agreement for the common suite because it would mean higher costs for the system.