Common Suite

My institution wants to add an upgrade/new resource but is unable to right now. Will late joins be permitted?

Yes, late joins are permitted. For flexible upgrade and subscription products upgrades will be prorated from the date of access. Prorating does not apply to purchases.

What will my institution be paying for the common suite?

Most institutions will commit the same amount of dollars that they paid in 2017/18 for their subscriptions to ASC and BSC (the UFC) and CBCA. For that, they will receive access to ASP, BSP, CBCA Complete, and one Complete upgrade to either Academic Search or Business Source. Some institutions that have been paying much more than the rest of their tiers historically for the UFC will see their pricing decrease. In the following 2 years, a 2.5% increase has been negotiated.

Can my institution substitute one product in the shared suite of resources for something else, like an upgrade to ASC?

The BC ELN common suite consists of 2 parts: the shared resource suite and flexible upgrade/ subscription/ purchase options. The shared suite, which includes Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, CBCA Complete, and Canadian Newsstand Complete, is stable and unchanging. All partner libraries have access to this suite. No substitutions to the shared resource suite can be made.


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