The BC Electronic Library Network is looking for your Stories of Impact!

BC ELN offers a number of library-related services in BC for post-secondary students and faculty, including:

  • AskAway chat reference (
  • WriteAway online writing assistance (
  • Licensing research databases (e.g. BC ELN manages the license for Academic Search Complete)
  • Interlibrary loan (the loaning of books and materials between different libraries -
  • Arca collaborative digital repository (

We are looking to hear from people who have benefitted from using BC ELN services. Some example Stories of Impact:

“AskAway saved me so much time! I was feeling stressed about finding information for my paper and I wasn’t using the best search strategies, so nothing was coming up. The librarian I chatted with showed me better ways to get what I was looking for – and way faster.” – Cassie Fourney

“Last semester I was working on a research paper and I needed a book that was at a different library. I used interlibrary loan and got the book in time to finish my work. It was very convenient.” – Trey Burton

How have BC ELN services made an impact in your life? How has BC ELN made it easier - or possible - for you to get your work done?

Tell us your story below. As a token of appreciation, your name will be entered into a draw to win a $25 Starbucks or Tim Hortons gift card.

Your name
Your email address (for gift card draw)
Your college, university, or other organization
How BC ELN services have impacted you.
Photographs help stories come alive! If you want to, please submit a photo of yourself.