New Resource Suggestions

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The following resources were suggested by BC ELN members to investigate for consortial licensing. Please have a look at these resources and add your comments. Entries that meet nomination criteria will be compiled for an upcoming Ranking Survey.

Product Name Vendor
A&Ae Portal Art & Architecture Yale University Press
Annual Reviews
APA 7th ed manual Vital Source
APA 7th ed. Publication Manual Vital Source
APA PsycTherap® Ebsco. Proquest
Bloomsbury Digital Resources Bloomsbury Publishing
Childrens Literature Review Gale
CREDO InfoLit Credo
Credo Reference: Academic Core Infobase
EAI Electronic Arts Intermix Education EAI
Ethnic NewsWatch ProQuest
Factiva Dow Jones / ProQuest
HeinOnline HeinOnline
IBIS World IBIS World
IHS Markit Online Standards IHS Markit
LibGuides SpringShare/Proquest
MLA 9th edition handbook plus Modern Language Association
MLA Handbook Plus MLA
OCED iLibrary Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
PsycTESTS Ebsco and APA
Safari Books O'Reilly/Proquest
ScienceDirect journal collections Elsevier
Sproutflix Sproutflix
Vividata Vividata
Vividata - Survey of the Canadian Consumer & Research Reports Vividata