Why are we losing content? Was it because of the multi-vendor criteria originally discussed?

The decision to downgrade was based on a number of factors: 1.) At the 2015 renewal of the UFC, some partner libraries stated that they did not value both Completes. 2.) At the All Partner Meeting in November 2016, partner libraries created a list of criteria to use in developing the common suite that included incorporating more than 1 vendor while adding no additional costs. 3.) There was an acknowledged desire to address inequities in pricing between peer institutions. Even when the decision was made at the December 8th All Partner Meeting to forego including a second vendor in the common suite, a downgrade in content remained necessary since 1.) monies saved from downgrades are needed to reduce the costs of those institutions that have paid higher than those of their peers, 2) the desire for 2 Completes is not universal.